A ‘minor’ look at 2009

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Many use tarot numerology suggested by several tarotists that would reduce the year 2009 numerologically to 2 (2+0+0+9 = 11 à 1 + 1 = 2). When looking at major events like a new year or the turning of the seasonal wheel, the Major Arcana often becomes the focus since these are our ‘big idea’ cards.  However, I’m going to explore a different perspective. What if  we explored the numerology of the Minor Arcana? After all, our day-to-day lives are also marked by the changing of the calendar. Many of us use this time for a look back at the previous year and make major adjustments. But ultimately, it’s the small, routine acts that are altered and lead to major changes. Those daily acts are the domain of the Minor Arcana. And, numerologically, both the ‘two’ and the ‘nine’ are significant in the upcoming year.

Twos are all about balance, duality and choices.  The challenges of the two bring opposition and division. Since nine is the last if the single-digit numerals,  it is often associated with the concepts of abundance and completion. If we combine these two concepts, we have a year in which we could ask ourselves the following questions:


  • What choices will I make to bring events to completion?
  • What conflicting ideas can be brought together, reconciled and/or completed?
  • Will this be the year that societies embrace the idea of a ‘balanced abundance’?
  • What opposition will I face as I work to complete projects and tasks?
  • Is there a balance that you are seeking to complete?


Can you think of any other questions that might include the overarching concepts of ‘two’ and ‘nine’?

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    Jason Avatar

    2 and 9 are very relevant as they are sephiroth on the qabalistic tree of life.
    2 is chockmah Wisdom which represents the contemplative, synthetic aspects of God’s thought.
    It is the primordial point of creation from which all knowable reality originates.
    9 is Yesod Foundation is the channel through which Tipareth (6 or beauty) strives to unite with the Shekhinah (divine female force) and pass on the creative and benevolent divine forces.
    9 is also about cycles, moon phases, circles as a sort of backdrop to reality, the canvas our manifesting world is painted on.

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