RWS Queen of Wands
RWS Queen of Wands

What’s going on now: Queen of Wands – Wands are conduits of energy. The Queen makes us aware and keeps us in touch with the passionate, creative energies in our lives. This passion might present itself through a role that we play in our own lives or it might be channeled to us through someone else’s creativity.





RWS Three of Pentacles
RWS Three of Pentacles

What’s getting in the way: Three of Pentacles – The Three of Pentacles in this position reminds us that it’s OK to accept kudos for the finished product of our creative process. Whether it’s from a self-directed pat on the back or high praise from others, it is important the we relish in the moment and recognize the importance of our innovative accomplishments and not shy away from well-deserved praise.

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