Thanksgiving and the Seven of Pentacles

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Seven of Pentacles - RWS
Seven of Pentacles – RWS

I often find myself reflecting on times of the year and looking for links to the Tarot. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend.

By reaping the fruits of the harvest, we are entering the realm of the seven of Pentacles. It is a card full of connections to personal harvest and cultivation. It is where we reap and sow what we plant. Many Canadians took to the table with family and friends this past weekend. Our neighbours to the south will do so at the end of November. And still others will use this time to give thanks. When you do, remember to ask yourself:

Am I truly thankful for those seeds that I planted?

Do I recognize the bounty that they have brought to me and to others?

The blogs are slowing down again as I move into the domain of the Chariot and ‘move’ residences. Once Kelly, the kids and I have settled into our new home – I will note here the Cancerian link to the Chariot card for all of the astro peeps :), I expect to get back to a more regular blog-writing cycle. I will also be looking at running a beginner’s Tarot workshop in Orangeville in November.

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