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I spent a few hours this morning working through the Fruit of Wisdom Tarot Layout from Christine Jette’s book “Tarot for All Seasons”. The process led me to create statements and affirmations from the six cards I drew. It was an empowering process. For example, in position 2, which focuses on that which we cannot change, I drew Justice reversed. The phrase that immediately came to mind was: “Accept that sometimes life isn’t fair. Deal with it.”

By the end of my time with the Tarot this morning, I had six distinct statements that summarized my work this morning. I have typed them out and placed them in a prominent place in my home. I invite you to try this process with your favourite spread. Feel free to comment on the process.

On a personal note, my partner gave me the Osho Zen Tarot for my birthday. Can’t wait to begin studying another deck!

For those interested, I’m holding a Tarot talk in my space on Thursday, November 26th at 7:00. Please contact me at whitesagetarot@gmail.com for more information.

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    James Wells Avatar

    I enjoy Christine Jette’s work. Deep, yet grounded. I’ll have to revisit this wonderful book at the Winter Solstice to honour that day through tarot. Thanks for the inspiration, Peter!

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