Last night, I hosted a dozen people in my space for a Tarot talk. It was a quick, beginner’s level walk through the history and structure of the Tarot. We looked at the elemental associations of each suit and linked a series of verbs to the ‘pips’ of the minor arcana. We also ‘Met the Courts’ and briefly looked at the Fool’s Journey through the first few cards of the major arcana. Afterwards, there was a tremendous buzz as people explored a variety of decks, asked questions and met new people. Even though the talk was schedule to end at 8:30, people were still hanging about chatting until after 9:00. I felt blessed to share my space with them.

So, in the spirit of the system introduced last night, I drew a card this morning, asking the question: “Last night’s talk was successful. What do I need to know about the next step in this process?” I used the Gilded Tarot (to get a glimpse of the Empress, as all in attendance last night would understand) and drew the 4 of Wands. Fours are about consolidating and making solid. The wands are associated with the element ‘fire’, which is active, vital and enthusiastic. The next step seems to point in the direction of consolidating the enthusiasm brought forward from last night’s talk. I see this as an invitation for more talks in the future, solidifying Tarot knowledge while at the same time moving it forward, so… look for an upcoming Tarot talk in January, topic to be determined, and another beginner’s talk in January as well. Rest assured, there will still be coffee, tea and maybe I can convince Kelly to make some more amazing cookies. After all, isn’t it all about the nourishment? (I had to get the Empress in there somehow.)

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous evening, Peter. Your four-ness plus Wands-ness might also indicate “act more publicly”. I’ll bet they enjoyed seeing the variety of tarot decks. A tip of the pointy hat to you!

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