Hanson-Roberts 10 of cups
Hanson-Roberts 10 of cups

My daughter and I both received the Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck as a gift over the holidays. We spent a lovely couple of hours looking at McGregor and Vega’s 20-card New Year Spread over the weekend, just before she headed back to her Mom’s. As I’ve mentioned before, my Tarot time with my daughter is most cherished. One of the cards that revealed itself was the 10 of cups. “That looks like a good card, Dad”, she says, “and, I bet it’s still pretty good, even when you turn it over. See, it makes a smiley face.”

Sure enough, I reversed the card and, when you combine the two joined heads and the rainbow of cups, you clearly see her smiley face. Ah, the refreshing wisdom of youth 🙂

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