RWS The Fool
RWS The Fool

On Thursday, January 7th, a handful of Tarot enthusiasts assembled to discuss the journey of the Fool through the lens of the Tarot. We explored the Major Arcana through the use of key words, beginning with “tabula rasa” for The Fool and culminating with the World and “acceptance”. We explored several journey stories, in part or in whole, and began to compare the Fool’s Journey to the Hero’s Journey. Participants brought up various examples from religion and mythology. We finished off by assigning significator status (a significator is a card used to represent someone, usually the querent, but in this case,the card represented the fool through his journey)  to the Fool and placing him at various points along the journey as depicted by the cards of the Major Arcana, laid out in ascending order. (My self-gift of an oversized RWS deck came in very handy here!  🙂 Willing attendees took up the tale of the Fool from the point of placement. At times the stories were fictional, at other times, semi-autobiographical, but always engaging.

Join us for the next Free Tarot Talk on Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  This talk is a beginner’s talk and will overview the history, structure and uses of the Tarot. Contact me at for more details and directions.

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