Four of Water - Osho Zen
Four of Water - Osho Zen

Today’s brief post is a quote from the LWB (Little White Book – a term that often refers to the small ‘manual’ that accompanies most Tarot decks – although, in this case, it is neither little nor white) of the Osho Zen Tarot.

This morning, I drew my ‘daily’ card. Funny that I drew the Four of Waters. This card invites us to stop and listen to the antics of our mind. I have felt so busy the past few days that I have even skipped my daily morning practice of drawing a Tarot card, a practice that I treasure as sacred.

“All journeys are outward journeys, there is no inward journey. How can you journey inwards? You are already there, there is no point in going.” I just needed a reminder. My new mantra for today: “Hey mind, you’re not the boss of me!”

Happy journeys.  🙂

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