Seven of Fire - Osho Zen Tarot
Seven of Fire - Osho Zen Tarot

Ahhh, two mornings in a row, I’ve drawn the Seven of Fire from the Osho Zen deck ( It’s also the second time this card has shown up in a Magician’s Musing’s post. It is subtitled: Stress. The image is one of the most interesting in the deck. It shows a multi-limbed character playing a horn and juggling candles while trying to balance on balloons.  Take note of the monkey in the bottom right corner of the card. This simian trickster is about to send our juggler for a spill. I think perhaps this card is a reminder from the Universe to get off the balloons and put down a candle or two before something happens to make them go down unwillingly.

So, what are you trying to keep ‘in the air’? Or, perhaps this card reminds you had a time when things were exceptionally busy and fate picked that particular time to give you the flu or a broken arm? Do share.


  1. Unfortunately, I can relate all too well. I didn’t see it coming and that little monkey sent me for quite a spill. We all need to take time out for ourselves, go for a hike, watch a movie, take a nap, even go on a shopping spree. Whatever takes you away from juggling everything at once before it is too late.

    1. That little monkey is, well, quite the little monkey. Your advice is very fitting, Cerise.

  2. I usually see the 7/Wands (fire) as struggling to maintain your position or your principles, especially when you are set upon by negativity and opposition. The Osho Zen deck also indicates an element of trickery in the Monkey we see here. This is a lovely deck, but I have so many decks (including my own Tarot of the Masters) that I don’t use it often. However, it’s always nice to see another deck’s perspective of a card to gain a richer understanding of it.

  3. Thank you, James, for your input. Your comment reminds me to view my exploration of the Osho Zen deck as a deepening of my understanding of the Tarot as a whole as opposed to an island until itself.

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