World Tarot Day – May 25th

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I am now in Sydney, Australia and available for in-person consultations from Tuesday, May 25th until Friday, June 4th, 2010. Contact me at for  more information.

As I wrote this post on the morning of Monday, May 24th (and realize it is still Sunday, the 23rd at home), I did so in honour of World Tarot Day. I was also visited by a cockatoo as I woke to greet the day. That doesn’t happen in Canada:) 

World Tarot Day is on May 25th and was created almost 10 years ago, in a means of promoting the Tarot and its uses worldwide. As I do most m0rnings, I drew a card. The two decks I brought with me were the DruidCraft deck and the RWS commemorative Pamela Coleman Smith deck. This morning, I used the former (since I think I’ll save the latter for my upcoming client work). I didn’t ask a particular question but hoped that the one-card draw would bring forth a question or two.

Today’s draw was the six of pentacles. It shows an older man, staff in hand, with alms for the outstretched hands below. His surroundings are both vibrant, as in the image of a majestic green tree, and sparse, as in the image of the hibernating branch.

The questions this brings to mind are: What can the Tarot offer in times of abundance and vibrancy? What can the Tarot offer up in times of scarcity and hibernation? How can the Tarot demonstrate it generosity? How can we help share it with others?

If your curious, google World Tarot Day. You’re bound to find all sorts of interesting articles, blogs and musings.

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    James Ricklef Avatar

    Hi Peter,
    Nice that you mentioned WTD.
    I also posted an article on my blog about it, which you can see here:
    Hope your visit to Australia is going well!


    Tarot Card Reader Avatar

    Hello Peter, sounds like you’re living the high life! Interesting points about World Tarot Day. I know it’s not for everyone and would never wish to push my beliefs onto others. That’s where many of the world’s current problems come from after all.

    But there is so much to learn with the tarot because the wisdom is internal as well as divine. It promotes personal responsibility and guides you to think about the consequences of your actions. Certainly something the people of the world could really use!

    Liz x


      Peter Avatar

      Hi Liz,

      I love every day I’m on this side of the grass and would call every day of life the high life. And I agree wholeheartedly that the world certainly could use a little more Tarot.

      Cheers and thanks for stopping by.



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