Rider Waite Smith - Strength
Rider Waite Smith - Strength

If I were to talk to an astrologer – and considering I love and live with one, that conversation happens often 🙂 – about the links between astrology and the Tarot, I would start with the Sun. The Sun in astrology represents our outer-self. It is the ‘I’ that we radiate for others to see. It is our creativity and our ‘life force’. Without the Sun, no other life can survive.  In Tarot, the Sun card can represent ‘I’ at its best. It is the optimal ‘me’; the one that we strive to put out for others to see on our very best day. It is ‘us’ polished and shiny. It is splendid and radiates exuberance and joy.

Astrologically, the Sun is moving into Leo. Taking the Tarot perspective and following this celestial movement, our best self is moving into the realm of Strength. In many esoteric systems, the Strength card is associated with the sign of Leo.  The most common images of this card are leonine in nature. Strength is often depicted as a woman who is calmly taming a lion.  Strength in the Tarot is archetypically feminine and thus represents an inner strength. It is peaceful and disciplined but is, like our astrological Leo, also quite passionate.

During the period where the Sun, Leo and Strength are linked, in what area of your life will you show disciplined passion?  What do you need to tame? From what source will you draw your inner strength?

The Strength card is a great tool to remind us that our strengths are found within as opposed to without.

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