I got up this morning, very early, and decided I’d start preparing for my Tarot Study Group coming up in mid-October. There was clearly an autumn chill in the air. Seeing summer now clearly in the seasonal rearview mirror, I bit the bullet and fired up the gas fireplace to help alleviate the fresh early morning bite. I find the flickering flame has the same soothing effect as running water, even if it’s gas-generated. (Note to self – New house discovery: check and see if the chimney is an insert or if it has the ability to burn wood.) I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. Our cat, Venus, is slowly approaching the fireplace.

She’s moving in predatorily, circling as if she’s going to attack. If it’s fire she perceives as her prey, she may have her work cut out for her. She circles to the side and approaches from outside of the flame’s direct line of sight. She moves to within a few feet and then withdraws. She circles to the side, walks up the glass insert and then runs away, at full speed, up the stairs.

Gaian Tarot - Child of Fire
Gaian Tarot - Child of Fire

I have witnessed my very own Child of Fire this morning.


  1. @ Joanna – I’m feeling blessed and honoured by your ‘presence’ at A Magician’s Musings’! I will tell the story in the Gaian Tarot Circle Thread on the weekend, when I log in.

    @CNA Training – …And lucky me for being able to welcome you here. Stop by often and feel free to add to our occasional comment ‘discussions’.

    1. Thank you, Arwen. It’s interesting. Our Venus is usually very ‘un-Venus-like’ in her movement but her approach inspired me to write and I saw clear links to the Child of Fire, a card that has shown its face in readings for both myself and clients recently.

      Please come back and visit often.

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