Key words and the four Tarot suits

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While prepping for an upcoming workshop, I was reviewing and playing with key words to share with attendees to help them remember the general energy of the suits. As an educator, I know that mnemonics can be helpful remembering tools.  The terms ‘head’ and ‘heart’ show up time and again in material relating to swords and cups respectively.  When giving a commencement speech in my role as educational leader, I often refer to the ‘head, heart and hands’ as the innate tools available to graduates as they transition into a new phase of their lives. These are the places they’ll think, speak, love and live.

Head… Heart… Hands. They speak to my Tarotist side, too. They represent general energies found in three of the four Tarot suits: swords, cups and pentacles.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Aces: Heat, Head & Heels, Heart, Hands

Reflecting and expanding on the head-heart-hands image, I added a few more ‘H’s. I added ‘Heat’ as the ‘H’ word for the suit of wands, representing the fire and passion of wand energy. I added the word ‘Heels’ to ‘Head’ in association for the suit of swords.  Swords are not only the suit of our thoughts and words but also of our actions, our battles and our fears. It often represents the place where we often dig in our heels and plant our feet firmly.

This mnemonic (all ‘H’s) resonated strongly with me. Use it. Expand on it. Critique it. I’d love your feedback or comments.

Heat (Wands): creative spark, ingenuity, passion, potential energy.

Head & Heels (Swords): thoughts, ideas, words (Head) /  force, drive, aggression (Heels)

Heart (Cups): emotions, relationships

Hands (Pentacles): pragmatic, material, financial, practical, mundane

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