I’m comfortable with my knowledge base in the tarot. It’s deep. It’s varied. It’s long-studied and long-lived. But it is not, nor will it ever be, infinite. I want to spend time among those who know so much more than me. After all, as the expression goes, if you’re the smartest person in the room, seek another room. For that reason, I am always looking to deepen my knowledge when it comes to the Tarot. Despite having spent almost 40 years(!) exploring the cards, there is always much more to learn. Therefore, finding myself with significantly more time on my hands, I enrolled in a course.

Atlas Obscura had an offering from T. Susan Chang, someone whose Tarot work I was already familiar with. Two of her books (now ALL of her books) graced my bookshelf. I had also occasionally listened to Fortune’s Wheelhouse, her collaboration with Mel Meleen, and always came away with new knowledge.  What I appreciate about Susie’s Tarot work is that it is a blend of Tarot practice, Tarot knowledge and esoteric correspondences and information, which is perfect for me.

So I signed up. It was titled ‘Secrets of Tarot Readings: History and Practice’ and was promoted as a course that could be attended by people of all Tarot backgrounds, newbie and seasoned practitioner alike. That seemed to be a tall order so, needless to say, I was Scorp… skeptical. 😁 But Susie delivered. The course gave enough basics for newbies but presented information in a way that was deep enough for even the most experienced practitioners to add to their knowledge base. And presents with an ease that made me very comfortable.

The course did a few things for me:

It provided me Tarot insight from someone else’s perspective. 

It pointed me to even more resources: a few more books (because, you know, there is always room for a few more books), a podcast, a deck and another online course, this time in greater depth, by Susie Chang.

It reconnected me to the Tarot. I’ve since committed to doing a year-long ‘decan walk’ (more on that in a future blog post).  

I began opening my space to clients again. 

I began writing. 

And… added bonus… I was given a reading (with Susie Chang, no less!) for my birthday.

What could I learn from an ‘general’ overview of Tarot? Apparently, lots. As one example, it’s always interesting to get someone else’s perspective on the history of the Tarot. Learning has always been, and will likely always be, of significant importance to me.  And having just culminated a long career in education, I’m now looking forward to more learning inside this Tarot space. 

It is also preparing me to return consistently in the world of Tarot. I have begun developing my own course materials. I am planning an Astro/Tarot collaboration. I am making more space for consultations (Click here if interested) . And, as is always the case with the Tarot, I feel like I am coming home. 

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