For those who are unfamiliar, a decan walk is a deep look, or walk, through each decan of the zodiac. The 30-degree sections of each sign are divided up into 3 sections of 10 degrees each. These sections are called decans.  From an astrological perspective, Austin Coppock has written an insightful and detailed book called ’36 Faces’. T. Susan Chang followed up with ’36 Secrets’, a book she states in the introduction took its inspiration from Austin’s. It examines each decan through a Tarot lens. Both are fabulous resources.

I started a decan walk back during Libra season, using several resources (including the two mentioned above) to learn everything I could about at least three cards per decan: the card associated with the decan in question; the card that corresponds to the planetary ruler of the decan, and; the card associated with the sign of the decan. I’d also explore other associated cards or cards from different decks and see what kind of learning would emerge. But, as life often does, my walk started out as a run then slowly morphed into a stroll, then a crawl and finally a retreat. 🙂

With Aries season only 10 days old, our home renovation mostly complete and me about to return from Australia and settle back into life at home, I thought it was a great time to restart a ‘true’ decan walk, one that starts at Aries I and ends all the way at the other end of the zodiac with Pisces III. I’ll explore each minor arcana card that corresponds with the decan, the card associated with each planet that rules the decan and the card that corresponds to the sign of the decan in question. 

I’ll then post here at the end of each sign (for example, expect a post at the end of Aries, covering Aries, I, II, and III) about discoveries, reflections and ‘a-ha’ moments. I’d love for you to add your questions or comments. Although I certainly have an interest in astrology, my primary focus will be on the Tarot. (I leave most of the astrology to my wife – or to you if that’s your thing and you choose to comment!)

Speaking of astrology (and my wife), Kelly and I have completed the second video of our quarterly tarot and astrology insight ‘series’. In this offering, Kelly looks at some of the astrological events of the Aries, Taurus and Gemini season and I add some insights from corresponding cards from each month. We have fun recording these sessions. The funnest part for me is that, although we each plan our section, we don’t collaborate about the video beforehand. I love seeing what emerges!

If you’d like to check out this quarter’s offering, click on the video below.

As always, I am available for in-person and online Tarot consultations. Just visit the ‘Tarot Consultations’ page. I have dates for consultations open in late April and May. And, if you’re a returning client, make sure you email me at for your special booking calendar link and discounted price!

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