About Peter

I’m Peter, Tarotist.


I call a small Ontario town north-west of Toronto, Canada home.

My work with the Tarot began after a random journey into The Occult Shoppe on Queen Street West in Toronto sometime during the early 1980s. I walked out with the RWS deck and Rachel Pollack’s ’78 Degrees of Wisdom’ under my arm. My journey began with solo work but quickly evolved into something I wanted to share.

I have led workshops in Canada and the U.S. I have written for on-line and print media and have worked one-on-one with many students and seekers.

I continue to travel my own ‘Fool’s Journey’ as a life-long learner of the Tarot. I have engaged in deeper studies with James Wells, Mary Greer, Joanna Powell Colbert, T. Susan Chang and others.  I have also participated in the Readers’ Studio in New York.

Although there have been several ‘quiet periods’, I have occupied this online space for over almost 15 years.

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And, just like Batman/Bruce Wayne, I have an alter-ego. Peter White is a ‘nom de plume’, created with some language play as a variation on my birth name.  In ‘my other life’, I am a recently retired & re-wired, award-winning educational leader, trainer, mentor, writer and TEDx speaker.

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