Tarot Consultations

Allow me to guide you with the Tarot as your tool to explore your options, learn about new possibilities, reflect on past experiences and move your life forward.  This work is informative, interactive and participatory.

I act as an intermediary between you and the cards. The best analogy I can draw is as an interpreter who speaks the language of Tarot and understands its symbols, its history, its meanings, and correspondences. Together we’ll form questions and I’ll lay the cards out in patterns, sometimes in a linear narrative style and other times in a structured format called a spread, to explore what the Tarot has to say about the questions you ask and the information you need to know at this time and in this space.

We’ll explore each card deeply and pay close attention to the story it tells.  I like to approach the deck from a ‘quality, not quantity’ perspective. Then we’ll look at the cards together to see their collective narrative. We’ll look for patterns, trends, and things that jump out at us. 

To quote Rachel Pollack in ‘The Forest of Souls’, “though I take the Tarot seriously…, I do so in the spirit of serious play, that what-if approach.”

One important note about my boundaries as a Tarot practitioner: I never work with questions on someone else’s behalf, e.g., Will/Does/Can/Should my spouse/partner/lover/brother/daughter/aunt…? Instead, we’ll work at reframing your question(s) so that the question centre on you, the querent.

I believe that our work together with the Tarot does not remove your agency by owning what you should do or by telling you explicitly what will come next. Instead, it helps you to look forward, to look in the shadows, to see the things that are right in front of you as well as those that are hidden and to explore possible future choices and outcomes.

Consultations are available in person in Orangeville, Ontario and the surrounding area or on-line via Zoom.

Click on the session you’d like to book in the window below. Payment is made via PayPal and is due upon booking via Calendly. Fees for consultations are as follows:

30 minutes – $45.00 CAD

This is a great quick check-in as a follow-up to a previous reading or to generally explore one topic or question.

60 minutes – $78.00 CAD

This let’s us take our time with one topic or question and go a little bit deeper.

90 minute Tarot Consultation – $90.00 CAD

Most popular! A 90-minute session is perfect for a deep dive into a topic. It is also perfect for laying out a plan or road map for the year ahead or a longer term project.

If you’d like to book, click on the appropriate link below.

Interested in learning about the tarot? Stay tuned for upcoming workshops, lectures and learning opportunities.

Prefer a more personalized learning experience? Customized learning is always a possibility. Contact Peter for more details.

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