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Tarot Questions

Feel free to submit your questions. I will briefly explore one randomly-selected question and respond here. Please note that your question may not be chosen for a response on this page. Please include “White Sage Tarot Questions” in the subject line and send your query to


D asks:


“Do you think I should finish off my nursing degree? I started it at the age of 58, and have now done two years, though I deferred this year because of health issues. Now, I’m wondering whether to finish it off part-time and whether I will then have the strength and energy to see this through and work in a hospital after that. I’m trying to follow my life’s dream, but I don’t know whether I can do so.”


As a Tarotist, I felt that the querent was initially asking a question that could be answered by a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The Tarot has a wider application. We reworked the question. D agreed that “What do I need to know to successfully follow my dream(s)?” better reflected the information that was being sought and allowed for a broader exploration.


For this question, I used a spread from Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega’s “Power Tarot” called the Outlook Spread. The first card focuses on the outlook for the situation; the second focuses on what/who will help; the third on what this will lead to; and the fourth looks at how the querent will feel about the outcome.


Outlook for this situation: King of Cups – Trust your emotions. Regardless of what happens, be a master of your emotions. The outlook to this enquiry shows success and achievement, but could be in an unexpected area. For example, it might be that the training you’ve undergone so far will be applied to another related field.


What/who will help?: The Empress – Support will come as compassion and tenderness. This may indeed be the type of nurturing support that comes via the healing professions. It may also come in the form of another person or may be qualities that come to the surface for you during this time. Often the Empress’s passion is unbridled and can be overpowering. This passion is yours; use it wisely and don’t ignore the role that emotions and intuition play.


What will this lead to?: The Queen of Swords – reversed – There can be an element of falsehood around the Queen of Swords when she’s reversed. This may lead to thoughts and words that do not truly reflect the situation.


How will you feel about the outcome?: The High Priestess – The High Priestess can symbolize that untapped inner strength. She is mysterious. Her appearance suggests there is something unsaid,  unexplored or concealed. She often tells us to trust our intuition, especially in a position that refers to our own feelings.


Some important questions to ask are:


How do I trust my feelings and instincts to guide my decision?

How will I focus my unbridled passion?

What is the real question?


Your instincts and emotions are key. You are asking one question but might be feeling another. The King of Cups and High Priestess have shown up. They serve as reminders to trust your emotions and instinct. Think of it as something similar to the feeling that instructs you to change directions when you sense something unsafe in your chosen path. Gavin De Becker in “The Gift of Fear” suggests this instinct is one that should be acted on. The Queen of Swords reversed is a reminder that not all things said or unsaid are true. It appears that you may already have the answer to the question about following your dream; it just might not be the answer that you’re looking for.

Introducing “Card of the Day”… sort of!

I’ve always had a “love’em-hate’em” relationship with the concept of ‘card-a-day’. As I have mentioned previously, I draw a card almost every day for different reasons. I often draw a card as a means to reflect on the upcoming day or a coming event. At times, I will draw a card or a series of cards with a specific question in mind. And, occasionally, I will select a specific card if I need a reminder of the kind of energy I’m trying to create. For example, as I grow my professional Tarot practice, I often pull the Magician, the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles. These cards remind me this initial idea (Ace of Wands) can reap benefits with hard work (Ace of Pentacles) when I transform my will in reality (The Magician).

What this section will not become (and hate may have been too strong a word) is a summary of traditional meanings for each card selected. These types of sites and resources are valuable to the Tarot student but are prevalent in bookstores and on web sites. Instead, the purpose of this page will be to quickly summarize a major theme or two associated with the card drawn and then to provide guiding questions for further self-exploration.   And, it will not be posted everyday, but once or twice per week… it’s just that “card of the occasional week or half-week” is a mouthful!

Once I figure out the technology :), I will also place older “Card of the Day… sort of” entries on their own page for anyone who would like to review or reference them.


Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups




Today’s card? The Queen of Cups, upright. The Queen of Cups is passionate and emotional. She is the nurturer. She leads but does so with soft hands and a warm heart. Don’t cross her, though. The Queen of Cups is also the mother bear who confronts anyone willing to get too close to her cubs.  When reflecting on the Queen of Cups in your life, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where do I need to lead with soft hands and a warm heart?
  • How do I draw from my passion and emotions?
  • Where/who/how do I nurture? From whom/from where/how do I need to be nurtured?
  • Is there anywhere in your life that needs to feel the strength and determined emotional response of the “Mother Bear”?

The above should provide you with an idea of what you can expect in future posts. Cards will be drawn at random.

Have a question? Your question can also be the focus of a “Card of the Day… sort of” blog. Send me your question privately at and, who knows, you may read about it here. Of course, names would be changed to protect the identity of the innocent – and the guilty 😉

Spring and the Empress – part 2

First thing Friday morning, I set up my space, grabbed my RWS deck from its place of honour on my Tarot shelf, and prepared myself to complete my “Spring Spread”, which used the theme of renewal so prevalent at the vernal equinox. The layout I created is pictured here and originated in a previous blog entry. I placed card 1 in the centre of the three first cards, card 2 to its right and card three to its left. I turned two cards on the right side of the spread to represent two aspects of my life that require renewal. I balanced the final card above the first three cards, since it signifies the area where I need to balance light and dark.




I looked at the entire spread first and noted that half of the cards were majors and all were upright. Renewal will be a major focus in the near future, will be all-encompassing and have a certain spiritual element to it. Six upright cards could signify that renewal will be unhindered or that the process of renewal will proceed with an uninterrupted flow and may be more of an external process.


Card 1: How will I renew myself? The Hierophant – upright.


The Hierophant in this position signifies a renewal that will focus on structure, doctrine and ritual. It is a reminder that those important daily things that I do to connect with divinity are important and need to become part of my everyday routine. I would state that the strength of this statement is amplified because of the larger proportion of major cards in this six-card spread.


Card 2: How can I bring this sense of renewal to others? 3 of Cups – upright.


I must remind others of the importance of joy and celebration during this special season of awakening.  When we stop and take the time to notice this season of renewal, we are reminded of the importance of this natural cycle that will continue,  with us or without us.  This card signifies to me that I must, to quote Rachel Pollack, instill in others the importance of “sharing the wonder of life.” (78 Degrees of Wisdom)


Card 3: What will I do to celebrate the arrival of the “New Day”? King of Wands – upright.


Fire is movement, initiative and action. It is about that important first step. The king masters this concept with strong will, direction and optimism. My celebration of the arrival of this “New Day” will be a celebration of action, of doing things.


Cards 4 & 5: What aspects of my life require renewal? The Lovers / The King of Cups – upright.


The Lovers is a reminder that my current relationship requires renewal. It is still in its early stages and has that sense of newness and passion that we all feel when in love. It is a spectacular place to be. It makes everything around you seem more vibrant and alive. But maintaining that sense of awe and wonder requires effort and the Lovers in this position sends that message. A previous marriage ended because it had lost its sense of renewal. It had grown stale and felt more like a business partnership than an intimate relationship.  This is not uncommon. I have spoken with many others who have had similar experiences. The Lovers is a reminder to all of us that for two to be truly one, that sense of ‘romantic spring’, of freshness and passion, requires renewal. It is a lesson that I intend to keep close by.

The King of Cups is in control of his emotions. But, when combined with the Lovers and its position in the spread (thanks, James Wells, for re-reminding me of the importance of spread position), it becomes an indication that emotions cannot remain bottled up and that, for love to grow, the Gemini in the Lovers needs to emerge and the lines of communication around how we feel need to remain open.


Card 6: Where will I need to balance light and dark? The Wheel of Fortune – upright.


I found it quite interesting that the Wheel of Fortune showed up in a position that speaks of balance. This card is a reminder to me that life goes on, often in spite of our actions. I need to embrace the balance between those things I can control and those I can’t.


The overall concepts of optimism, celebration and ritual seemed to permeate my spread. To move the cards on the table into action (a very important part of a reading for me), I took a walk in the beautiful spring air (a little crisp at -3C here in the Great White North, but lovely nonetheless) and used my senses to feel the new arrival of the Empress. I immediately noticed blackbirds, blue jays and sparrows in morning song. I saw the buds on the trees gently pressing against their winter shells. I watered our house plants and filled the new bird feeder that we placed outside last week for our fine feathered friends.  Dear Empress, the sights and sounds of this season, only hours old, remind me that this is a time of renewal for all.

Spring and the Empress

First off, let me apologize to my readers for the longish delay between posts. Like many who work in education, the preparation for reporting (especially with a school’s worth of reports to read, edit and sign) makes late-February and early-March an exceptionally chaotic time. It does signal the arrival of spring, which provides me a segue into this post.


Abundance and Renewal
Abundance and Renewal

The Empress is the card of Spring. In large parts of the Northern hemisphere (and all over my Canadian homeland) the birds emigrate to their Northern climates, the animals emerge from their winter slumber, and the buds begin to flower. These are the domain of the Empress. She has associations with Venus, Aphrodite, Demeter, Ceres and Gaea, all of whom have links to the principles of abundance, fertility, sensuality, passion and ample-ness. But one aspect of the Empress that is often overlooked is her power to renew. The Empress is vibrant reality, life, the balance of the two previous cards in the Major Arcana: the Magician, who represents yang, consciousness, and action and the High Priestess, who symbolizes yin, unconsciousness and receptivity.

We celebrate the arrival of Spring, often simply by our awareness of the renewal of life. Many belief systems place significant celebrations during this time. Christians celebrates the arrival of Easter and the resurrection of the son of God. The calculation of Easter is actually based on the equinox. Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the vernal equinox. Baha’i celebrate Naw-Ruz, or new day, to correspond with the vernal equinox. Symbols of renewal such as coloured eggs, fresh fruits and cakes are prevalent during this celebration. Ostara, (Eostar or Eostre) is often celebrated by Wiccan and Pagans. It is a celebration centred around growth and rebirth but also around the idea of balance between dark and light, reflecting the equal amounts of light and darkness experienced at the equinox. It also includes


To link with the Empress, try the following:


Turn over one card for each of the following questions you ask yourself. Friday morning, March 20th, 2009, (The Sun enters Aries at 07:43 GMT, add or subtract as necessary or, if in the Southern hemispehere, bookmark this blog and give this a try in 6 months 😉 and… thanks, phil, for the heads up on my error) as the Sun enters Aries to signal the arrival of the vernal equinox, would be a powerful time to complete this Tarot work. Use the comment section on this blog to let us know how it goes.


·         How will I renew myself?

·         How can I bring this sense of renewal to others?

·         What will I do to celebrate the arrival of the “New Day”?

·         What aspects of my life require renewal (select as many cards as you deem necessary)?

·         Where will I need to balance light and dark?


Lay the cards out in whatever way seems appropriate. And enjoy the natural sanctity brought forth by the Empress.

March 31st Workshop

The Magician from the Gareth Tarot
The Magician from the Gareth Tarot

It all starts again!  I have a Tarot for beginners workshop starting up on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009. I always offer the first class as a come-and-see with no financial obligation. I firmly believe that guide, student and content need to connect and the best way to determine that is to allow people to come out and check it out. This popular workshop runs for six weeks and will cover an overview of the origins of the Tarot, The Major and Minor Arcana, Court Cards, spreads, games, and more. It is really intended for those who have little or no knowledge of the Tarot and are looking for a great place to start. Contact me at if you’re interested.

I am always available for readings in person, via telephone, IM or Skype and am currently taking booking for April, May and June, 2009.