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Baring Your ‘Tarot’ Self

A few days ago, Liz Worth posted about some modern classic Tarot books from her personal library. It got me thinking… we must all have collections of Tarot paraphernalia. Some large; some small. Some new and some collected over decades. Regardless, I believe what we choose to add to our Tarot space must say something about us as Tarotists.

Are we just learning? Are we looking for a deeper understanding? Do we lean towards a particular type of deck or system? Do we have favourite authors or creators? Do we blend our Tarot work with other types of divination? Is our work spiritual or practical?

I took a Sunday morning and laid out my current card and book collection. And I posted on both my Instagram story and feed. And then reflected a little more.

Based on my current collection, I know I am a Rachel Pollack fan (since I also lent out 2 others), but also appreciate Janet Boyer and Corrine Kenner. I have a more blended collection between Thoth-based and RWS-based decks than I thought. I have added a few French books and deck since my arrival in Belgium just over a year ago. And the visual appeal of the deck is important to me.

So what’s missing? What’s next?

There are a few limited, modern decks I am hoping to add. I am dreaming of a quick drive to the Belgian Tarot Museum once restrictions lift. This is a must-do before heading back to Canada! I am also looking for a couple of ‘deep dives’ into the complexity of Tarot but have not yet found a fit that I am prepared to commit to yet. I’m open to suggestions!

What about you? If you laid out your collection, what would it reveal? Please share in the comments or post on Instagram and tag me at @peterwhitetarot. Or share on Twitter at PeterWhiteTarot I would love to learn a little more about you and your tarot journey!

The Hanged Man and The Empress

This year’s Tarot card calculation offers a bit of a twist.


It is common to identify The Hanged Man (card XII of the Major Arcana) as the year card for 2019.  The numerological process for determining this is simple: add the digits 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 together and get 12. I’ve seen it highlighted on my social media feeds, on email newsletters I receive and on blog posts. (Biddy Tarot’s post is a great example.) Continue reading → The Hanged Man and The Empress

New Year / New Start Special

The turning of the calendar is a great time to review and reset.

Therefore, for a limited time, I am offering a 60-minute ‘New Year, New Start’ Tarot consultation for only $80. That’s a saving of over 30%!!

See my consultations page for bookings.

New Year / New Start consultation 

Use the Tarot to make a strong start to the New Year. You’ll discover major insights about your goals, ambitions, relationships, career & well-being. Clarify fresh perspectives on potential themes for 2019.

Offer valid until January 4, 2019.

“What kind of world do you want. Think anything. Let’s start at the start. Build a masterpiece.” – ‘The World’ by Five for Fighting

Drawing yourself into the Tarot

You’re likely familiar with the idea of drawing Tarot cards. If you haven’t experienced this, YouTube and social media feeds are full of examples. Tarotists like myself offer this as a service.  Shuffle a deck, visualize a question or a quandary, predetermine a layout for your cards and draw one, two or any number of cards and have them tell a story.

This is an effective and popular way of working with the Tarot.

But what about drawing yourself INTO the Tarot?

Continue reading → Drawing yourself into the Tarot