Three of Earth and Hockley Valley

I found the Three of Earth here 🙂

On Saturday morning, I did what I so often do;  I drew a card from one of my decks. It was the Three of Earth from the Gaian Tarot deck. And, on Saturday morning, I did what I sometimes do; I forgot all about it.

I was hiking alone late that afternoon; halfway through a 6-kilometre hike through Hockley Valley. And I was struck by the beauty that surrounded me. It was as if I couldn’t take it all in. My head turned frantically, trying to look in ten places at once.  So I took out my X10 and started snapping.  I had a strong need to capture everything around me.  The trees were connected to the earth and sky.  The landscape was a never ending expanse of white. The Sun was just about to touch the western horizon. I was struck by the interconnectedness of everything around me. But more than that, I felt I was in the presence of true creation. A community of spirit had gathered together and had made something for me to enjoy. The labour of those who conceived this space had truly created something lasting.  At that moment, I thought of the morning card and smiled.

Here you are, Three of Earth.

The Fool and the Page of Swords

These two cards exude youthfulness!

 The Fool

What’s going on now – The Fool – The Fool, as the only unnumbered card from the Major Arcana, and one that is often placed at the beginning position in the Tarot deck, often represents a beginning. There is a child-like enthusiasm to the Fool, that tingling we get when we’re about to start a new venture or adventure of some kind. Enjoy that foot-loose and fancy-free feeling as you begin your journey.



Page of SwordsWhat’s getting in the way – The Page of Swords – The Swords are our mental suit and the Page is the first of four court cards. Our Page can be seen as the sword’s equivalent of the Fool. New ideas, whatever their origin, might sidetrack you from your quest. If you are moving just to move, then make sure that you put those new ideas off to the side for now. If your journey has a destination, stay the course!

Queen of Cups and the Chariot

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups

What’s going on now: Queen of Cups – The Queen of Cups places us in a state of emotional awareness and readiness. We have the ability to communicate this state clearly to others and, if necessary, with the full benefit of our imagination. We are prepared to take charge emotionally, if and when we are called upon.




Major07-bWhat’s getting in the way: The Chariot – With the above-mentioned emotional confidence, we just might choose to rush in too quickly. We also need to be conscious of the mental swirl going on inside our minds. During this busy time, what can we do to help ourselves remain grounded and focused?

Cards of the Day: Three and ten of swords


Drawing these two cards as a focus might cause many to run screaming from the room. The images in the RWS are bleak. The ten of swords shows a person sprawled out in a pool of their own blood with ten blades protruding from his back. The three of swords shows three swords cutting through the centre of a heart. Even the weather is dreadful! Traditionally, these two cards often represent sorrow and ruin. And, as luck would have it, they were the two focus cards I drew for myself over the past 72 hours. Those who know me personally know that I would never be so fatalistic.

Using a system I was introduced to by James Wells, I’m taking a different look at these two challenging cards. Swords represent intellect and cognition. This suit is linked to the element of air and thus speaks of communication, ideas, concepts, and information. The three places these concepts under scrutiny by forcing us to define and detail our communication, ideas, concepts, etc… and then the ten asks us to pause before acting.


It might be that some new idea or information needs to first be dissected and then sat on and contemplated. It might also be that communication is unclear, at time specific and detail-oriented and at other times loose and vague. When contemplating these two cards, I asked myself:


  • What message am I putting out there?
  • Am I really listening to myself or to others?
  • Have I stopped to look at all perspectives?
  • Do I have or am I providing clear insight?
  • Do I need to press my pause button before I open my mouth, press send, put pen to paper, etc…


Combine the two concepts represented by the three and ten of swords and see what questions come to mind.

Introducing “Card of the Day”… sort of!

I’ve always had a “love’em-hate’em” relationship with the concept of ‘card-a-day’. As I have mentioned previously, I draw a card almost every day for different reasons. I often draw a card as a means to reflect on the upcoming day or a coming event. At times, I will draw a card or a series of cards with a specific question in mind. And, occasionally, I will select a specific card if I need a reminder of the kind of energy I’m trying to create. For example, as I grow my professional Tarot practice, I often pull the Magician, the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles. These cards remind me this initial idea (Ace of Wands) can reap benefits with hard work (Ace of Pentacles) when I transform my will in reality (The Magician).

What this section will not become (and hate may have been too strong a word) is a summary of traditional meanings for each card selected. These types of sites and resources are valuable to the Tarot student but are prevalent in bookstores and on web sites. Instead, the purpose of this page will be to quickly summarize a major theme or two associated with the card drawn and then to provide guiding questions for further self-exploration.   And, it will not be posted everyday, but once or twice per week… it’s just that “card of the occasional week or half-week” is a mouthful!

Once I figure out the technology :), I will also place older “Card of the Day… sort of” entries on their own page for anyone who would like to review or reference them.


Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups




Today’s card? The Queen of Cups, upright. The Queen of Cups is passionate and emotional. She is the nurturer. She leads but does so with soft hands and a warm heart. Don’t cross her, though. The Queen of Cups is also the mother bear who confronts anyone willing to get too close to her cubs.  When reflecting on the Queen of Cups in your life, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where do I need to lead with soft hands and a warm heart?
  • How do I draw from my passion and emotions?
  • Where/who/how do I nurture? From whom/from where/how do I need to be nurtured?
  • Is there anywhere in your life that needs to feel the strength and determined emotional response of the “Mother Bear”?

The above should provide you with an idea of what you can expect in future posts. Cards will be drawn at random.

Have a question? Your question can also be the focus of a “Card of the Day… sort of” blog. Send me your question privately at and, who knows, you may read about it here. Of course, names would be changed to protect the identity of the innocent – and the guilty 😉