A New Deck – Aquarian Tarot

Did I really need another Tarot deck?  Since I needed to head in to T.O. anyways, I figured a little drive to the Occult Shop on Vaughn was warranted. I found David Palladini’s Aquarian Tarot for under $20. The last time I found a little Tarot bargain, I was wandering the streets of Orangeville and came across an as-yet-unidentified version of the Rider-Waite at a garage sale for one dollar. I’m nothing if not a sucker for a deck deal.

David Palladini’s deck intrigued me not because of its influence on the Tarot community (Tarosophist International v.5 has a great interview with David Palladini) but because of his artistry on Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon. I read this book when it first came out in 1987. I am a huge Stephen King fan. In my early 20s at the time, it was the first Stephen King book that I could remember that was illustrated. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that the artist and creator or the Aquarian Tarot and the illustrator of my Stephen King book were one and the same.

Although the images don’t ‘grab me’ in the same way the Gaian, RWS or the Gilded Tarot do or inspire me in the way the Osho Zen Tarot does, I am nonetheless thrilled to add one more deck to my growing collection.

Stress: the Seven of Fire

Seven of Fire - Osho Zen Tarot
Seven of Fire - Osho Zen Tarot

Ahhh, two mornings in a row, I’ve drawn the Seven of Fire from the Osho Zen deck (www.osho.com). It’s also the second time this card has shown up in a Magician’s Musing’s post. It is subtitled: Stress. The image is one of the most interesting in the deck. It shows a multi-limbed character playing a horn and juggling candles while trying to balance on balloons.  Take note of the monkey in the bottom right corner of the card. This simian trickster is about to send our juggler for a spill. I think perhaps this card is a reminder from the Universe to get off the balloons and put down a candle or two before something happens to make them go down unwillingly.

So, what are you trying to keep ‘in the air’? Or, perhaps this card reminds you had a time when things were exceptionally busy and fate picked that particular time to give you the flu or a broken arm? Do share.

The Cards of Spring

The Empress - Gilded Tarot
The Empress - Gilded Tarot

Feel free to look back at my March 14, 2009 blog entitled “Spring and the Empress” http://whitesagetarot.com/2009/03/14/spring-and-the-empress/ . It is one of my favourite!

In a little over a week, the wheel turns once again and those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere shake our snowy coverings and look forward to the emergence of spring.  In the spirit of the “Back In Time” Tarot method (Thank you, Janet Boyer, for a refreshing look at the Tarot. I’d grown tired of revisiting some of my older tomes.), I have selected several cards from a variety of decks that, in my opinion, represent the appearance of spring.

The ‘transformation’ of winter into spring – The Wheel – The Gaian Tarot  www.gaiantarot.com  Spring and Aries rest at the top of this card but they do not do so alone. They are linked as part of a greater whole. Aries is surrounded by Pisces and Taurus. Each of the four seasons is rooted to the centre, joining spring to all other points on the wheel.  Spring can’t happen without the other three seasons. It is only through the death of winter that the spring of life re-emerges. The butterfly, Nature’s ‘transformer’, symbolizes the life-death-life cycle for me here.  In my opinion, this card is a beautiful depiction of the four seasons and a wonderful starting point for this exercise.

The Fire emerging from within – The Ace of Wands – DruidCraft Tarot http://druidcraft-tarot.druidry.org/   The Fire that appears to be emanating from the point of the wand is indicative of the burning desire for life to emerge at this time of year. The moss on the rocks, the buck looking for love J, the blue sky and the tree’s delicate blanket of budding leaves  are all spring-like images.   I look at this card and I can almost smell the cool, dampness I associate with this time of the year. It reminds me of April in the Muskokas.

Here Comes the Sun (do, do ,do ,do) – The Sun – Robin-Wood Tarot www.robinwood.com  – You can’t help but notice the large, bright Sun that dominates the top third of this card. There’s a ‘giggly’ youthfulness to the rider that’s contagious. The sunflowers (also prominent in this deck’s Ace of Wands) are about to turn to the Sun and bask in its growing warmth.

Fertility and renewal – The Empress – Gilded Tarot. http://www.ciromarchetti.com/tarotzodiac_gt.htm  OK, faithful readers will know why I chose this particular Empress J. The Empress herself has traditional links to Demeter, Gaia and Venus, goddesses associated with fertility, sensuality and abundance. I also like to think of the Empress as a card of renewal. And spring is nothing if not a time for sensuality and renewal.

Rebirth – Queen of Rainbows – Osho Zen Tarot www.osho.com – Flowering is the growth of the seed into new life. Spring wakes us up and tells us that we are not meant to remain inside.  And ‘going outside’ for each of us can represent either that reconnection with nature or a more symbolic shedding of our own cocoon and subsequent metamorphosis into something completely different. Both of these transformations represent the true power of springtime.  

From cars with their tops down (the Chariot, maybe) to the return flight of birds (perhaps the Eight of Wands), feel free to select your own and share via the comments section.

Turning in

Four of Water - Osho Zen
Four of Water - Osho Zen

Today’s brief post is a quote from the LWB (Little White Book – a term that often refers to the small ‘manual’ that accompanies most Tarot decks – although, in this case, it is neither little nor white) of the Osho Zen Tarot.

This morning, I drew my ‘daily’ card. Funny that I drew the Four of Waters. This card invites us to stop and listen to the antics of our mind. I have felt so busy the past few days that I have even skipped my daily morning practice of drawing a Tarot card, a practice that I treasure as sacred.

“All journeys are outward journeys, there is no inward journey. How can you journey inwards? You are already there, there is no point in going.” I just needed a reminder. My new mantra for today: “Hey mind, you’re not the boss of me!”

Happy journeys.  🙂

‘World’ by Five for Fighting and a Saturday morning reading

The song “World” from Five for Fighting has been my ‘earworm’ for the past few weeks. It has been begging me for a Tarot reading. J Just as an FYI, this song was also used in an episode of the apocalyptic and short-lived series ‘Jericho’ (one of the best modern series in a long time, IMHO).

The chorus to this thought-provoking song is as follows:

“What kind of world do you want?
Think anything
Let’s start at the start
Build a masterpiece
Be careful what you wish for
History starts now…”

As I contemplated this chorus, the song asked me three questions. “What kind of world do you want?” is the obvious one and became the first position in this Saturday morning Tarot spread. “What does ‘Start[ing] at the start’ look like?” quickly followed. The final question focuses on the outcome by asking, “What do we need to know about our ‘masterpiece’? Each question stems from lyrics in the chorus.

I selected the Osho Zen Tarot deck for this reading. My reasons were two-fold. The Zen philosophy of mindfulness in daily practice seemed to lend itself well to such a pressing question. Secondly, the Osho Zen Tarot, as many of my long-term readers will know, is my currently study deck.

Thus, the cards fell.


What kind of world do you want?

– Transformation

We want a changed world, one which requires an overhaul. This is transformation with a capital ‘T’. The card in the 13th position in many other decks is ‘Death’, a card that screams ‘out with the old’.



Four of Fire - Participation
Four of Fire - Participation

What does ‘Start[ing] at the start’ look like?

– Four of Fire (Participation)

To “start at the start’ requires action; it is not a passive activity. Contemplation and speculation are actions of the past.




Ten of Clouds - Rebirth
Ten of Clouds - Rebirth

What do we need to know about our ‘masterpiece’?

– Ten of Clouds (Rebirth)

Our chef d’oeuvre will be something totally new, perhaps even outside of our current realm of understanding.  Rebirth is the logical next step after transformation.

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