I’ve always had a “love’em-hate’em” relationship with the concept of ‘card-a-day’. As I have mentioned previously, I draw a card almost every day for different reasons. I often draw a card as a means to reflect on the upcoming day or a coming event. At times, I will draw a card or a series of cards with a specific question in mind. And, occasionally, I will select a specific card if I need a reminder of the kind of energy I’m trying to create. For example, as I grow my professional Tarot practice, I often pull the Magician, the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles. These cards remind me this initial idea (Ace of Wands) can reap benefits with hard work (Ace of Pentacles) when I transform my will in reality (The Magician).

What this section will not become (and hate may have been too strong a word) is a summary of traditional meanings for each card selected. These types of sites and resources are valuable to the Tarot student but are prevalent in bookstores and on web sites. Instead, the purpose of this page will be to quickly summarize a major theme or two associated with the card drawn and then to provide guiding questions for further self-exploration.   And, it will not be posted everyday, but once or twice per week… it’s just that “card of the occasional week or half-week” is a mouthful!

Once I figure out the technology :), I will also place older “Card of the Day… sort of” entries on their own page for anyone who would like to review or reference them.


Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups




Today’s card? The Queen of Cups, upright. The Queen of Cups is passionate and emotional. She is the nurturer. She leads but does so with soft hands and a warm heart. Don’t cross her, though. The Queen of Cups is also the mother bear who confronts anyone willing to get too close to her cubs.  When reflecting on the Queen of Cups in your life, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where do I need to lead with soft hands and a warm heart?
  • How do I draw from my passion and emotions?
  • Where/who/how do I nurture? From whom/from where/how do I need to be nurtured?
  • Is there anywhere in your life that needs to feel the strength and determined emotional response of the “Mother Bear”?

The above should provide you with an idea of what you can expect in future posts. Cards will be drawn at random.

Have a question? Your question can also be the focus of a “Card of the Day… sort of” blog. Send me your question privately at whitesagetarot@gmail.com and, who knows, you may read about it here. Of course, names would be changed to protect the identity of the innocent – and the guilty 😉

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